Sengkang Library controversy, is NLB discriminatory?

Without doubt Singapore probably has the finest public libraries in the region. Generally, library facilities are very good with plush seats to pamper the posterior of library patrons. Sadly, the latter is the missing link in an otherwise good library in Sengkang Library.

It baffles me why NLB chooses to ignore calls to provide proper seats. Yesterday I went to Sengkang Library and the usual sight greeted me – people forced to sit on the floor to read the papers or books, students converting the bench seats into tables to do their work.

Library patrons can do without tables but at the very least provide seats, even wooden ones, with backrests, and in adequate numbers.

NLB makes millions of dollars collecting fines from forgetful patrons so any suggestion that it can’t affford to provide proper seats is ridiculous. Any more feet dragging will only lead the people of Sengkang to conclude that NLB is guilty of discrimination.

In sharp contrast, Cheng San Library in Hougang Mall has proper seats, including wooden ones with back rests, all in abundance.

NLB senior management should visit Sengkang Library and see things for themselves. A jaunt away from their ivory tower might just be the thing they need to see things with greater clarity.

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