Singapore school discipline is falling apart. MOE must reverse course.

A flurry of letters in TODAY papers on the shockingly poor state of Singapore school discipline prompts me to add my comments.

School discipline both at the Singapore primary and secondary school level leaves much to be desired.  No less a person than the Attorney- General has expressed his disappointment.

The results of the this soft approach towards school discipline are clear for all to see except those in a state of denial or the Singapore school administrators.

Singapore students have become increasingly

  • rude
  • arrogant
  • loutish
  • aggressive
  • violent
  • disrespectful

Singapore school adminstrators should be more discerning when trying to introduce ideas from Britain and America where school discipline has gone to the pits.

Schools should forthwith stop pampering students with an overly lenient approach towards discipline which favours too much talk and rethoric over tough action.

All this talk about caning and its negative effects on the child is  rubbish, and are exactly the things western liberals love to hear.

The biblical injuction that to spare the rod is to spoil the child has a great ring of truth to it.

I call on MOE (Ministry of Education) to bring back the cane and give teachers greater authority to enforce discipline. But first of all, MOE must have a change of heart.

Not convinced? I’ll give concrete examples in my next few posts to illustrate the poor state of school discipline which alarms many people interested in mouding the future of the nation.


3 Responses to “Singapore school discipline is falling apart. MOE must reverse course.”

  1. The discipline problem in schools should be addressed before it gets worse. Although caning is allowed, heads of schools are extremely cautious when it comes to corporal punishment.

    Counselling doesn’t always work. Ultimately the teachers gets the end of the stick, not the child.

  2. You’re absolutely right. School heads prefer to play it safe, and so toe the line. When teachers tell you their school is like a battlefield you can well imagine the chaos and mayhem.

  3. Typo error: “the teachers get” and not “gets”.

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