Yishun Library continues to shock -NLB must act

Having drawn NLB’s attention to the shocking state of the newly-opened Yishun Library, I was curious last evening to determine if there had been any improvement.

My observations:

  • toddlers screaming for their mothers
  • children running
  • library patrons talking loudly as though they were shopping

What is more appalling is that the people with the authority, namely the libray staff, ignored all this even when a kid ran past or screamed right in front of their reception counter.

Granted they may be up to their neck with work but for heaven’s sake at least look up and glare at the  kids or give them and their parents a gentle reminder or something. Failure to take action will only encourage more library users to flout library rules and etiquette.

Yishun Library staff must re-establish their control.

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