Singapore school discipline – true horror stories

My teacher friends, who teach in schools all over Singapore, never tire of recounting cases of indiscipline in their schools. Here are some horror tales.

“I kept wondering why this boy kept polishing something during lesson time. When I caught him in the act, I saw he had a bagful of Mercedes Benz 3-pointed logo. He confessed he and his gang went around ripping off the logo from more than a 100 Mercedes cars in the neighbourhood.”  Jason, secondary school teacher,SINGAPORE

“This boy kicked a soccer ball and destroyed the ceiling board in a classroom. The father threatened not to pay if his son was punished. So now this boy walks about the school with a big A on his chest. A for Attitude, you know what I mean. The teachers avoid him as they don’t want further trouble from him. ” Robert, a secondary school teacher, SINGAPORE

“Suddenly during lesson time these two Primary 4 kids started quarrelling, shouting at one another. I shouted at them to stop but they ignored me. One of them grabbed the 2-metre iron pole, which is used to pull down the projection screen, and chased the other one around the class. I managed to the seize the boy armed with the pole. I sent both to the principal.” Yong, primary school teacher, SINGAPORE

“Being a discipline master is a thankless task. Students retaliate by vandalising your car. Students scratching teachers’ cars is so common in Singapore. Students not only vandalised my car but also punctured not one but two of my car tyres.”  Tan, secondary school teacher, SINGAPORE


4 Responses to “Singapore school discipline – true horror stories”

  1. Is the school a hotel and teachers the service staff that cater to the students who are guests? If this analogy is true and accepted by both the authority and public, then there is no cause to complain.

    If it isn’t true, then all is lost in the whirlpool of disaster!

  2. Such an analogy was bandied about some time ago. We must spare a thought for the teachers who have to put up with all daily abuse and nonsense from the students.

  3. It’s been said children’s rights are there but, what about teachers’ rights?

    • Good question.

      Even the teachers’ unions remain silent. As long as the current repressive political climate prevails, teachers have few rights and most of these are just lip service.

      I assume you are a teacher. I salute you and all teachers for soldiering on and contributing in a very very stressful profession.

      Happy Teachers Day!

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