Singapore Police Force (SPF), increase your police presence

The Straits Times (Singapore) reported another robbery case that took place on March 17 when an IT specialist was robbed in broad daylight in the morning.

Criminals in Singapore are getting bolder these days because of a lack of police presence.

Singapore Police Force (SPF) is fond of reminding us that low crime doesn’t mean no crime. There is certainly crime, which seems to be increasing, and police should increase their presence drastically in the form of greater patrols.

It is far better to PREVENT  than to allow crime to occur and then try to catch the criminals.

One way to increase their manpower is to make the countless unemployed uncles in void decks and coffee shops deptuties. They know the people and the places around their homes.

Less you accuse me of just mere talk, I will walk the talk and am willing to volunteer.

Imagine rapists, burglers, bag snatchers and other bad hats wondering if the uncle dozing away at the void deck or reading the papers is a police deputy.

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