Singapare Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 2

Areas travelled to: Sengkang, Compass Point, Sims Ave

Mode of travel: bicycle, car

Number of cops seen: 0

In my view it’s vital to deter and prevent crime than allowing it to take place and then devoting resources to bring the criminals to justice.

Singapore Police Force in Singapore needs to drastically increase its presence.


2 Responses to “Singapare Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 2”

  1. There have been issues some years ago by members of the public that the country is a police state when too many officers have been visible.

    Perhaps it’s time to change?

  2. I have heard of foreigners saying that but I’ve always assured them it’s not the case (not because I am trying to be defensive). It’s time they increased police patrols. My friend’s son was attacked one night in the Raffles Place area (can be a very deserted at night so be careful). He fought off the group of boys using his camera tripod.

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