Singapore Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 4

Will I be “lucky” today to spot some cops on crime prevention patrol? It’s still early. Will be updated later in the day.

Areas travelled to:  Yishun Town Centre, Yishun MRT, SLE towards Woodlands

Number of cops seen: 0


2 Responses to “Singapore Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 4”

  1. Police presence is felt during festive occasions and along certain city centres like Orchard Road, Raffles MRT and the Esplanade. They are also deployed purposefully during summits, conferences and international events like the F1 Formula Race.

    The question still remains. Is this system of deployment still sufficient for a city state of 4.5 million people where petty thieving, robberies, molestors and other criminal activities abound?

    Again, do we still need statistics to prove the insufficiency of police deployment?

  2. It’s good that at least during festive periods and other important functions, police presence is seen (even in MRT stations). However,this begs the question why aren’t they be seen at other times? Why only on special occasions? Can’t they even spare NS men in patrol duties? Hmm…a mystery.

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