Singapore Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 5

Areas travelled to: Ang Mo Kio, Sengkang, Fernvale

Number of cops seen: 0

Number of cops seen on patrol after 5 days of observation: 1 (parked patrol car on CTE)

So this concludes my little experiment. I did not see a single cop on patrol or a single cruising police car. To be fair, it doesn’t mean just because I didn’t see any they weren’t  out there.

I remember chatting with a New Zealand couple in Vietnam two years ago.

“Singapore is a police state,” the man said in all seriousness.

I laughed.

“You won’t see any cops in Singapore,” I assured him. “Have you been to Singapore?”

No, only in transit.”


3 Responses to “Singapore Police Force (SPF), where in the world are they? Day 5”

  1. It’s time to show your faces policemen. Even statistics will not hide the fact that there aren’t enough police officers around the island.

    Hopefull this weekend will be a peaceful one.

  2. Just hope they know what they are doing. Still, many would feel safer if there were more police patrols.

  3. Typing error: “Hopefull” should read, “Hopefully”.

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