Singapore Police Force (SPF), increase your police presence

The victim had 110 wounds from the robbery attempt and died. The two robbers, both brothers, had entered the woman’s flat with robbery on their minds. Both were convicted and sentenced to hang.

That’s the headline news today.

Could a greater police presence have prevented the murder? That’s the question that went through my mind as I read the report.

SPF should start increasing its patrols to deter crime.

Cops can patrol on scooters and bicycles, which can cover a very wide area, and on foot. Whizzing about in a patrol car is not patrolling.

Suspicious persons should be checked for weapons,

I have no doubt that these measures can deter and prevent crime. Isn’t prevention better than cure?

Do we have to wait for an MP to bring up the issue in Parliament before SPF takes action.

Although SPF says crime is low in Singapore I’m still worried. Why? Because people are becoming increasingly thuggish and violent and criminal elements are becoming bolder.

Even teenagers dare to punch bus drivers and people assault fellow passengers on the MRT.

BTW, I have yet to see a single cop on patrol since I began my little experiment on March 30 (9 days ago).

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