Colloquial Vietnamese by Tuan Duc Vuong and John Moore

This book on learning Vietnamese is very disappointing. They really don’t know what they are doing.


  1. no indication which part of the text is being read (introductory portion to a reading passage)
  2. reading passage is read too fast
  3. no reading of the vocabulary section after every reading passage
  4. meanings of some words from the reading passage not given in the vocabulary section
  5. some words can’t be found in the glossary

6. no pronunciation guide in the glossary


  1. good grammar section
  2. good grammar reference chapter

Will I buy another book in the series?

No. They don’t know the basics of how to teach.

If they pay me I will tell them (Routledge)how they can make their Colloquial series a runaway success.

(It seems the TEACH YOURSELF series is much better but I haven’t never tried any.)

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