Yishun Library, the worst library in Singapore?

This evening I went to Yishun Library in Northpoint and the sight and noise that greeted me was unbelievable. It was like a pasar malam (night market)! Or an American Idol contest. Kids running all over the place, shouting, screaming, pulling out the books, climbing up the sofas and so on. Infants in strollers screamed for attention while their parents looked on proudly.

And all this happening right under the noses of the library counter staff!

And this is supposed to be a library. When people go to church, temple and other places of worship they behave and they make sure their kids behave too so why can’t they behave in a library as well. Parents are as  spoilt as their kids. They think they own the place or what?

Today someone in his letter to the press says those who disobey library rules should be barred. An excellent idea.

But the National Library Board (NLB) people in their ivory tower in Victoria Street are either blissfully ignorant or in a state of denial or they are too busy shuffling papers.

What’s the use of making all those announcements warning library users to behave or else they will be asked to leave the libray? They just add to the noise.

A friend from Laos shook his head and said, “It’s not like this in Laos.”

Does NLB need an MP to raise the matter in Parliament before action is taken?

Shame on inconsiderate library users. Greater shame on NLB who is supposed to oversee our public librairies.

The next time I see my MP I will raise the matter with him. He has clout whereas an ikan bilis (anchovy) like me has none.

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