Teens try to rob elderly woman, Singapore Police Force take note!

Singaporeans woke up to another report of how two teens tried to rob a 60- year-old lady. We have reading time and again of crime against the elderly.

The lady said she was surprised that even teens had become so bold as to try and rob her in broad daylight.

Unless Singapore Police Force (SPF) increases their presence with more patrols, there will be more of such criminal acts.

SPF never tires of cautioning us against complancency. “Low crime does not mean no crime” posters remind us of this caution.

But who is being complacent here may I ask?

It’s foolish to let crime take place, then devote manpower and resources to track down the perps. Isn’t it better to PREVENT crime in the first place?

Meanwhile, we should all be alert especially in quiet and lonely areas.

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