10 things Singapore students do in Yishun Community Library Singapore

This afternoon I went to Yishun Library in Northpoint. A big mistake. The library was swarmed by students from the neighbouring schools.

Hardworking students? I observed them in “action”:

  1. listening to music on their phones
  2. looking at photos on their phones/MP3 players
  3. watching movies on their laptops
  4. playing their PSP
  5. chatting in groups
  6. talking loudly
  7. playing the fool
  8. copying homework from another student
  9. using the library to meet boys/girls from other schools
  10. talking /smsing on their phone

I asked some students, “Why don’t you use your school library?”

“No good. In school library, talk a bit also cannot. Teacher scold,” they replied.

Today I lost my patience and scolded two groups of students who were making a lot of noise and fooling around.

These students are wasting their time in the library, and making a nuisance of themselves. But when they go home they can honestly tell their parents, “I went to the library.” And their parents will then beam with great pride for having such hardworking children.

Ministry of Education’s (Singapore) schools should educate their students on how they should behave in public libraries.

Library users who find students disruptive should not simply keep quiet. We can also take a photo of such students and e-mail it to their school principal. If we allow students to take over the library and turn it into a pasar malam then we only have ourselves to blame.

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