Ministry of Education, Singapore- stop the rot of poor discipline

An afternoon daily reported on two cases of terror students.

In one a student punched a bus driver.

In the other students assaulted a student councillor during recess time in the school canteen. All this perhaps led some letter-writers to the press asking what has happened to our students, and whether Singapore schools are teaching them “basic manners”.

Students are becoming increasingly arrogant, rude, aggressive, profane and loud-mouthed.

The root of the problem is the breakdown of school discipline. Schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE) take the soft approach towards discipline.

In England poor discipline has led to calls to empower teachers to mete out tougher punishment and for fines to be imposed on parents.

In Singapore, parental interference has emboldened their children in continued defiance of school rules.

As long as MOE continues to adopt a soft approach towards school discipline, our teachers will have to deal with greater indiscipline among our students.

It’s time MOE stopped the rot!


2 Responses to “Ministry of Education, Singapore- stop the rot of poor discipline”

  1. What’s happening to Singapore? Why is rot appearing in places? Geylang Serai had food poisoning cases with two deaths; people are being mugged in HDB estates; the roads are filled with accidents and now schools are in trouble too.

    Perhaps the population is really exploding. What else do we need to wait for? Once rot sets in, then alas…

    Remember the complacency theory? It’s true. We are on dangerous grounds.

  2. Worrying isn’t it? Mas Selamat could escape from a top security prison. It’s a free for all on the expressways and roads. Foreigners can slip illegally into Singpore easily. If the authorities don’t nip all these issues in the bud, they’ll soon get worse. Can Singapore still be described as our best home? Or is it best home only for the elite?

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