Ministry of Education, Singapore – why are your students so rowdy in public places?

A reader wrote to the press complaining how rowdy students spoiled his visit to the museum. This comes as no surprise to me at all.  You can see Singapore students behaving  in a rowdy and noisy manner on buses, the MRT, libraries and other public places.

Some people may say Never mind, these are teens after all.  Yes, teens are energetic, too energetic maybe but the point is that they must know the proper etiquette.

Students in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia I have seen behave properly in public places like those I have mentioned.

In Thailand once I saw how well-behaved the students were in a museum.

This afternoon I took the shuttle bus from Orchid Country Club to Yishun MRT station. A group of girls (5 of them) in the bus were talking and laughing so loudly that the other passengers found them irritating and annoying.

I noticed their T-shirts had the letters TKGS (Tanjong Katong Girls’ School), bowling. See what I mean now. In Vietnam I have seen how the teens sat quietly in buse and trains. The same goes for Thailand.

But in Singapore our teens go HaHa HeHe not only during lesson time but also in public libraries, buses and trains. And now in museum too.

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