Singapore Police Force (SPF) – be more understanding

One by one the cars were blasted out of the waiting bay. A police patrol car used its loud horn to practically blast the cars off the road.

        This happened last night outside the Buangkok MRT station. T’he drivers were either waiting to pick up a loved one or for someone to buy dinner. The two cops sat inside their car and tooted on their horn till everyone had left.

I looked at my watch. 11PM. The drivers were waiting in the bay and were not causing any obstruction at all. Zero obstruction. Anyway, this stretch of the road  sees very light traffic even during the day; at night it is almost deserted. So what’s wrong with letting people wait for a few minutes along the roadside?  You may say the law is the law. True, but the law must be applied with understanding and emphathy and not blindly otherwise you’ll simply creat resentment.

That’s why people take pictures of cops who park their car for a while while they pop into a coffeeshop to buy a meal, and post it on STOMP. Now I won’t waste my time doing this because I know after all they also have to eat. Or maybe they are responding to an urgent call.

I was NOT impressed by the cops’ action. If they are on the expressway chasing after speedsters and those who drive dangerously I’ll applaud them. If they are able to prevent a crime like the one that happened to the cabby who was murdered and dumped into the forest off Sembawang Road, I’ll kiss their feet.

It they get out of their air-conditioned car and patrol on foot, I”ll have greater respect for them.  There must be greater police presence in public places but not from a patrol car. That’s not patrolling.

People these days hardly see any cops around. When people wait for a while along the road, they are blasted off  rudely. 

SPF needs to be more understanding. Hmm…wonder what their boss, the Police Commissioner , has to say if he knows about this sort of police action.

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