Singapore Traffic Police (TP) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), act against dangerous and reckless driving!

The Sunday Times today calls for action to be taken against illegal racing by some motorists along the premier shopping belt of Orchard Road.

Unless you are visually challenged you will not have failed to notice the increasing number of cars that have been illegally modified, and the dangerous and reckless manner in which they drive as they weave in the traffic.

These show-offs I understand need their their fix of cheap thrill. But what if they kill someone? What if they themselves are killed, and their parents have got to bury them or leave their wife an early widow and their children to grow up fatherless?

I have nothing against racing but please do it where it’s safe like a proper race track in Parsir Gudang.

LTA and TP have been slapped in the face once again. What are they going to do with the latest challenge to their authority?

If I were the person in charge I’ll feel pai sei (embarrassed).

LTA and TP, wake up, time to flex your muscles.

Do you have to wait another year before taking action? Don’t become a laughing stock in the coffee shops.

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