Automobile Association of Singapore, do more on road safety!

Frankly, I am very disappointed with the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)

It’s not very pro-active on issues of road safety. Many motorists have written to the papers to complain about rude and inconsiderate drivers and young drivers driving dangerously and recklessly.

With the Traffic Police (TP) almost zero presence on our roads, it’s a free for all with no quarters asked and none given on our roads and expressways.

Motorists have become so daring that they even dare to organise races right in the heart of town and within earshot of the Istana,

AAS should speak up more often against such irresponsible behaviour.

It’s behaving more like a social club than a NATIONAL AA. When the time comes for renewal of my membership, I’ll think twice before renewing it.

I’ve given up on TP. Since TP can’t be bothered to enforce the law why should I allow myself to be pushed around? Like I said before, it’s every driver for himself/herself.

I’ve been law-abiding and too polite as many of my passengers have pointed out to me. OK, time for a change then.

“Toot! Toot! What the f***, you are driving so slowly and still want to drive on the outer lane?”

Watch this space and see how I’ve been transformed!

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