Best and worst public library in Singapore

The award for the Best Public Library in Singapore:

1st: Woodlands Library

2nd: Central Library

3rd: Toa Payoh Library / Marine Parade Library

The award for Worst Public Library in Singapore:

1st: Yishun Library (new but terrible noise level, more like a book store, students roam around doing as they please unchallenged)

2nd: Sengkang Library (most spartan library in terms of seats and zero tables, a library with a big A (Attitude) with its take-it-or-leave-it attitude)

Criteria for assessment: range of titles, facilities, noise level, comfort.

This is a survey among library users.


3 Responses to “Best and worst public library in Singapore”

  1. 1. Yishun Library has improved thanks to the vigilance of its Security but it must be stricter with small kids and students.

    2. Lately Sengkang Library has added armchairs. Well done. So it’s no longer the worst library along with Yishun Library.

    • I’m continually impressed with improvements in terms of the reduction in noise level at Yishun Library.

      But I am disappointed with Sengkang Library. Go at the weekend and you’ll be fed up with the high noise level. I noticed on one occasion the lack of enforcement except announcements which were pretty useless.

  2. Wow, Sengkang Library has improved tremendously in terms of comfort for library users with the provision of generous number of armchairs and sofas. Thank you NLB. No more spartan look!

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