AWARE – beware of mixing secular issues with religion

The AWARE controversy  continues unabated with an explosive meeting at SUNTEC tomorrow.

While peeved by the old guard’s whingeing like a child robbed of his favourite toy, I’m also perturbed by the direction in which the full-blown controversy has taken in the last few days.

The name of God has been invoked by supporters of the new AWARE leadership in their denunciation  of  issues on lesbianism and homosexuality.

In our multi-cultural and multi-religious society this can be potentially explosive. Leave religion out of what is largely a secular matter.

Initially sympathetic  towards the new AWARE leadership, I find myself quite disenchanted over the latest development.

Like smoking or taking drugs, the more you talk about it the more curious youngsters will be, and the greater the temptation for experimental experiences.
Sometimes excessive awareness can lead to negative consequences.


2 Responses to “AWARE – beware of mixing secular issues with religion”

  1. I thought I am living in global city in the 21st Century but if anyone has lived in any of the Commonwealth countries or the U.S. twenty years ago, such tawdiness in societal issues was the order of the day.
    Shame, shame, shame. Soon someone will sue someone else in the courthouses. It’s going in that direction now; on reverse gear.

  2. Soon they will say same sex marriage is neutral. We can’t run away from the fact that for all its western posturings Singapore is a conservative society, and will remain so for years to come. Talking too much about certain issues may open a Pandora’s box.

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