AWARE (SINGAPORE) circus leaves town, finally

So the old AWARE team, after a lesson on how to wrest power from the new AWARE team, has now got back their favourite toy and are back in the driving seat.

If not for the new AWARE team, the old AWARE’s Sexuality Education for Singapore schools, in which anal sex is condoned,  would have been kept under wraps.

This is an achievement by a group of women who were prepared to to stand up and be counted. Whether they attend the same place of worship is immaterial.

If the old AWARE team has not learned anything from this bizarre twist of events, then they don’t deserve to be in any leadership position. For a start, a review of its priorities could be salutary.

You can say the circus has finally left town.


2 Responses to “AWARE (SINGAPORE) circus leaves town, finally”

  1. Cheers to Roger Poh and this website. His insights are well worth reading.
    I wish more Singaporeans would surface from deep mattresses and not hide beneath the silky sheets because there are mites and other pollutants even in the most comfortable of beds, otherwise many of us would end up not only with asthma but other diseases as well.
    Singaporeans must learn to spring-clean more often now and check between the sheets.
    Strange bed-fellows!
    “If you’re going to San Francisco…”

  2. As you usual you did not disappoint with your apt comments.

    Anyhow, I hope the old AWARE team after their stunning coup in regaining their former leadership positions will desist from promoting sexual practices like anal sex, homosexuality, lesbianism and on.

    Inclusiveness,if handled wisely is nice, but it can easily turn into a double-edged sword. Will they one day say same sex marriage, or even the deviant sexual practice of bestiality, is acceptable (under the usual parameters)?

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