AWARE – who’s to be blamed?

Disappointment, shock, even anger was the response by most people on reading that a pastor has used the pulpit to express his support for the new AWARE team.

But good sense has now prevailed with the pastor expressing his regret. Secular issues should not be mixed up with any religious undertones in our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. We’ve seen how other societies have been so easily ripped apart by religious conflict.

The old AWARE team only had itself to blame for trying to be politically correct with its liberal stance on lesbianism and homosexuality and sexual practices. For instance, anal sex is regarded as neutral which means in the mind of many as ok, nothing wrong, that sort of thing. That many people are alarmed is understandable.

I’ve long been under the impression that the vision and mission of AWARE is to fight for women rights so its stand on certain sexual practices, as endorsed by AWARE sexuality education in our schools, mystifies many.

Although the power grab is unsavory if not for the furore that subsequently ensued, the public would have been kept in the dark about some of the things endorsed by the old AWARE team.

Let the new AWARE team get on with the job and prove their worth. The old guard should stop raving and ranting and whining like a child.

The public is watching, and the pressure in on the new team.

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