AWARE’S Sexuality Education for Singapore Schools.

What you are about to read may cause you some mental disturbance.

What’s the big fuss all about AWARE some people are asking?

This is the background to the uproar that The Straits Times sees fit to devote acres of space to the festering controversy that sees even normally composed grandmothers all hot under the collar.

AWARE Sexuality Education for Singapore Schools:

  1. Anal sex – can be healthy or neutral if practised with consent and with a condom.
  2. Pre-marital sex – people might place pre-marital sex as negative, but it is really neutral. The key is whether the couple is aware of the consequences and responsibilities.

3. Homosexuality is perfectly normal.

When the old AWARE organised a celebratory movie it chose, of all the movies in the world, one with lesbianism as the theme.

If you are a parent with school-going children how would you feel?

If you feel outraged you are not alone.

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