Straits Times & Sunday Times – why the focus on AWARE?

At the outset of the AWARE controversy, many people were bewildered with The Straits Times’ and Sunday Times’ extensive coverage of the saga as though it were a national tragedy.

ST in an editorial tried to assuage ruffled feathers by saying that all it sought was the truth.

But at the height of the frenzy, the language ST used betrayed where its sympathies  lay.

A scrutiny of today’s Sunday Times will amply illustrate what I mean:

  1. NEW OLD GUARD OUSTED (Frontpage headline)
  2. Outnumbered and out-talked
  3. Booted out, but Josie Lau’s team will stay on
  4. The awareness to right a wrong
  5. New Team spends $90,000 in five weeks

In all 5 pages were devoted just to AWARE.

With a battered economy and the threat of swine flu, it’s disappointing to see that ST and Sunday Times have had their priorities skewed.

I didn’t buy the papers to read only about AWARE. It’s after all only one among many NGOs in Singapore.

In disgust I’m considering terminating my subscription to the local papers.


4 Responses to “Straits Times & Sunday Times – why the focus on AWARE?”

  1. i terminated mine

  2. Good to hear that. What’s the point of paying good money to read biased reports and this constant hero-worshiping of politicians. There’s just so much people can stand. They are so presumptuous.

  3. I totally agree that ST & Sunday Times were totally skewed in their reports. Watching the Youtube videos of the EGM and the behaviour of Old Guard supporters, I was surprised by such unruly & disgusting behaviour. Yet, ST & Sunday Times conveniently ignored reporting on such anti-social behaviour of the Old Guard supports to make Josie Lau’s team looked like the bad guys! Amazingly skewed reporting. I am also contemplating boycotting ST. Not worth spending $1 on a newspaper that has deliberately played the religion & race card to stir up the ground against Josie’s team.

  4. First ST unjustifiably raised the price of their paper. Their championing of the old guard’s cause was the last straw for me. They denied being partial but I was not convinced in the least. Besides, this constant hero-worshippping of the political elite is irritating and tiresome.

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