Straits Times and AWARE

I was surprised to see that ST has resurrected the sordid AWARE saga. ST defends its coverage of the AWARE saga, and asserts that it has no hidden agenda (Why we covered Aware saga the way we did, ST May 30)

At the time ST went overboard with its extensive coverage of the saga as though it were a national tragedy. Its headlines and the language used in its reports clearly betrayed where its sympathies lay (see an earlier blog entry).

The result was a backlash of such magnitude that ST now has to go into damage control mode.

Whatever its protestations of innocence, I remain unconvinced.


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  1. I heartily agree that Han Fook Kwang has been disingenuous. As a seasoned journalist, he should know that there are ways and ways of showing bias. For example, didn’t it mean anything that so many of the Old Guard were at one time or another from the SPH stable? For another example, who was the party who tipped off ST abt the Aware takeover? haha, I won’t be surprised if Wong Kim Hoh’s story wins the story of the year award… ;)))

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