Is Singapore a gracious society? Part 2

TODAY newspaper carried a report on the arrest of illegals. Apart from a spell in jail, they would also receive 3 strokes of the cane.

A jail sentence should suffice so why the cane? That the cane is really no deterrent is evidenced by the steady stream of illegals entering Singapore. Caning illegals, whose sole purpose is to find employment to feed their families, conveys the impression that Singapore is a barbaric society.

Singapore is probably the only country in the world which canes illegals.

For years illegals have been sneaking into Singapore. The ease with which they are able to do this is scary for this means terrorists can just as easily slip into Singapore to wreak destruction.

The govt should repeal the law on caning illegals before ministers spout on the subject of a gracious society.

To ensure our security, the authorities should be less complacent and start plugging the loopholes against further inroads by illegals and would-be terrorists.

If a tiny island like us lacks the ability to achieve this, then there’s cause to worry.

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