Tiger Airways $1 fares

Tiger Airways trumpets its $1 all in fares in big advertisements in the papers.

When I checked its fares to Ho Chi Min City the total fares came to about $160 (for travel in Nov to 2010)

Sometimes a full-service airline costs only a bit more than budget airlines.

For instance, SIA offers $198 return trip to Ho Chi Min for June as against Tiger’s $160

How do we get the $1 fares?


3 Responses to “Tiger Airways $1 fares”

  1. Part of the promotion phenomenon and ploy that the US, Commonweath countries and some Western countries adopted some 30 years ago.

    I call it commercial decadence that we are only facing now. Why would we have a million mobile phone users in Singapore?

    Don’t get taken in by the slick (sometimes with chick) advertisement in our newspapers. Think twice or get advice!

    Like the insurance saga, everybody benefits, except the customer!

  2. I still remember my lessons in Economics in school 50 years ago: that businesses exist to make profits, and if possible, to maximise them.

    Things haven’t changed, have they?

  3. Many a tear has to fall, but it’s all in the game.

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