Driving in Malaysia? Pirated VCDs and burned CD crackdown.

My Malaysian friends have warned me not to have any pirated VCDs or burned CD in the car when I drive to Malaysia.

According to them there’s a crackdown on piracy, even the CDs you burned on your home computer are considered pirated. Roadblocks on roads and highways target offenders.

The fine is RM$400 PER DISC!! Imagine if you have ten discs that works out to $4000!

I’ve tangled with Malaysian enforcement personnel so I know how enthusiastically they’ll enforce the law when there’s money involved. Know what I mean? Their eyesight improves dramatically when a Singapore number plate is in the vicinity Seen the traffic cops around JB immigration?
They cruise the area, fishing for business.

Better be safe than sorry.


2 Responses to “Driving in Malaysia? Pirated VCDs and burned CD crackdown.”

  1. Even durian crackdown. A friend and family went to Muar for a durian feast and were inspected at JB causeway for having too many in the boot. Chari makan with a twist!

  2. They are creative when it comes to cari makan.

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