To Malaysia Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman: white card is a hindrance to Msian tourism

When Malaysia decided to do away with the white immigration cards for Singaporeans entering the country, it was widely welcome especially among motorists. The white card had been troublesome and an annoyance. Now we could enter Malaysia on a whim without worrying whether we had any white cards.

A few months back the white immigration card was re-introduced, much to the dismay of Singaporeans.

For motorists it can be rather troublesome. Unlike in the past, it’s difficult to get down at the new JB ICQ to collect the white card without causing obstruction. Usually only two cards are given, and if you plead you may be given another two. Another trip or two and the motorist will have to repeat the process all over again. It would help if more are given out to last, say, for a forthnight or a month.

What purpose these immigration cards serve we can only guess. In the age of powerful computers, they are obsolete actually. But one thing is certain: it costs quite a bundle (pun intended) to print them.

There have been times I had to forgo a visit to Malaysia because I had run out of the white cards.

To attract more tourists Malaysia should do away with the white card. Or, at least simplify it to make it less tiresome to fill in and to make it more widely and easily available.


3 Responses to “To Malaysia Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman: white card is a hindrance to Msian tourism”

  1. Time they follow IT trend and use electronic card lah, not white card. One time, I had to run across the road just to get two too because my immigration booth didnt have any.

  2. That is what is happening every day.

  3. Get some fm yr travel agent first be4 trying to cross over to Johor

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