Competition Commission of Singapore (CSS) accuses coach companies of alleged price-fixing

I applaud the Competition Commission of Singapore of taking action against 16 coach companies and a businesss association plying the Singapore -Malaysia route for alleged price-fixing. Being a frequent traveller, I have long been perturbed by the identical coach prices to Malaysia.

Commonsense tells us that’s not possible for every company to have identical operating costs. Earlier this year they even advertised their services together with fuel charges. They buy subsidised fuel in Malaysia and slap a fuel charge on Singapore customers!

The only way for customers to teach them to be more responsible is to vote with their wallet. With budget airlines’ fares as cheap as coach fares (sometimes even cheaper) we have another travel option. Alternatively, hop over to JB where prices are very much cheaper. Or take the train from JB (seniors are entitled to half price).

“Price-fixing is considered a serious infringement of the Competition Act. When businesses collude to fix prices, they are in fact agreeing to stop competing and gain financially at the expense of the customers.” CCS

The companies accused now have 6 weeks to present their arguments.


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  1. Price fixing shld be considered an offence when there ain’t competition n we have no alternatives… fm wot u say, CCS shld concentrate in areas where the consumer has no choice!

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