NEA fines man for cutting down tree on his own property

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

I read with incredulity in the Straits Times Forum page about a man being fined $6000 by NEA (National Environment Agency, Singapore) for cutting down a tree on his own property.

Even his own MP failed to convince NEA that its action was unwarranted.

Now I wonder whether trimming my overgrown hibiscus plants will attract any punitive measures. NEA might be watching me, you know.

This is giving me sleepless nights.


2 Responses to “NEA fines man for cutting down tree on his own property”

  1. Until the tree falls, then you’ll probably be fined a higher fee for causing all the hoo-ha in your own property.

    We never win, do we?

  2. No, we never win. I await NEA’s reply which would throw some light on this mystery. I have no doubt it has the law on its side.

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