Tiger Airways’ poor customer service

Budget airlines like Tiger Airways cater for a niche market. With such low fares sometimes I wonder how they can be profitable.

As long as everything goes smoothly, budget airlines are a boon for those counting their dollars and cents. But when things go wrong, don’t expect any customer service. Trying to call them is futile and might induce a cardiac arrest, especially if you’re over 50.

Tiger Airways in particular has faced a barrage of criticism in the papers. Its punctuality record leaves much to be desired.

Flight delays are the responsibility of Tiger. The least it can do in terms of customer goodwill is to give customers a drink when its flight is delayed by an hour or more. Offering apologies, however profuse, is seen more as going through the motion.

Budget airlines offer a tremendous saving if booked early. But if booked late ticket prices can be on par or even more expensive than full service airlines.

Tiger’s business model seems to be one of take-it-or leave-it. Fair enough.

But when it’s time for me to travel, these days it’s Jetstar which is my first choice if I want to go budget.

People are increasingly fed up of Tiger.


2 Responses to “Tiger Airways’ poor customer service”

  1. Tiger and Jetstar; one is wife, the other mistress. Reminds me of a meeting between two male friends. He tells his friend that his wife is like a ‘HARIMAU’. And the girlfriend? ‘HARI, HARI … MAU!’
    So between Jetstar and Tiger?

    Take the girlfriend, Jetstar!

  2. Haha, good one Andy. Appreciate your sense of humor.

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