ICA: act on Woodlands congestion

This is the letter that the Straits Times and TODAY rejected:

“In response to Changi Airport’s slip in ranking to third place, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is sending all the cleaners for retraining. No excuses but action being taken to regain first place in the next global airport ranking exercise.

In sharp contrast, in response to all the criticisms on the perennial problem of traffic congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint. the relevant authorities instead of taking action to relieve the situation merely trot out the usual excuses.

Since its opening in 1999 the traffic congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint remains unresolved to this day. In fact, with increased car ownership, the situation has worsened.

The motoring public has been very patient and co-operative so far. It is time the Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA) took action to relieve the traffic congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint which was built to ensure smooth traffic flow in the first place.”

UPDATE: On Monday afternoon (1240) I took 45 mins to clear immigration and customs at Woodlands checkpoint. And it was a normal day at that, schools having reopened.Downright ridiculous.

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