Singapore bus operators hit hard

According to a ST report, bus operators plying the Singapore-Malaysia route have been hit hard by budget airlines. Serve them right for their price-fixing practices as alleged by the Competition Commision of Singapore, their take it or leave it attitude and poor service.

When the price of fuel plungedto below $50 they persisted with the practice of imposing fuel surcharges even though they buy their fuel from Malaysia and even when airlines dropped such surcharges.

With Firefly Airlines entering the fray, there are now more options for travellers. A flight to Ipoh, for instance, can be even cheaper than a coach trip that takes up to 8 hours. Ipoh flights on Firefly are so popular that they are sold out for many days in July.

Now then bus operators talk of improving their service. Almost all coaches stop at the Tanjong Malim coffee shop which is not only one of the dirtiest but where you also have to pay to use the toilet. We all know that for bringing customers, bus operators get special perks (free meals, free cigarettes etc) and the customers end up with over-priced food and drinks.

A little too late for the bus operators. Their monoploy has been broken.


2 Responses to “Singapore bus operators hit hard”

  1. I think I understand the way they think and feel: (1) Everything’s for profit because passengers (2) got no choice but to travel with us, so (3) squeeze these buggers!

    Now they lament. Like some of their buses: (1) black smoke and (2) backfiring. Ha. ha.

  2. They must learn the meaning of corporate social responsibility and good customer service. In their quest to maximize their profits, they forget that it’s customers who drive their business.

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