DBS Bank

This morning I got a call from someone using a private phone number (i.e. phone number not shown if you have caller ID) and who claimed she was from DBS.

I asked, “Why are you using a private phone number. I don’t entertain such calls” and slammed down the phone.

i suspect they are telemarketers from DBS. I can emphatise with the fact that they’re trying to earn a living like everybody else but the moot point here is why hide behind a private phone number?

This comes a day after several banks, including DBS, have been suspended from selling structured products. DBS is also being sued.

To encourage transparency, we should not entertain business callers who hide behind a private phone number.

I think most of us have lost confidence in our banks.


2 Responses to “DBS Bank”

  1. Telemarketeers must be properly trained before they are allowed to make calls to the general public. It’s a shame that this particular bank’s name is used. Is she really from this bank?

  2. If they are not from DBS, then the bank should take action against them. If they are from DBS, then why does the bank market its products in a cloak-and-dagger manner?

    Certainly by any standards this can’t be classified as a best practice, can it?

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