Why does Starhub keep raising its charges for sports programmes?

I have been a Starhub cable TV customer since the advent of cable TV in Singapore.

As a sports fan, I watch mainly soccer programmes but Starhub’s charges for its sports channels keep going north. This is due to the costly bidding for the rights to the Premier League and European Cup soccer telecasts.

But now that Singtel has wrested the rights to the European Cup soccer telecasts, Starhub should demonstrate greater corporate responsibility and reduce its charges for its sports channels.

Starhub justifies its charges by boasting of its great variety of sport programmes. But how many of us do really watch golf, baseball and American football?

The perception is that Starhub is out to maximise its profits which as a listed company it finds itself compelled to behave in such a manner.

However, it should be mindful of the fact that it is customers who drive its business.

If Starhub continues to be unreasonable and too profit oriented, I will bid goodbye to cable TV.

In October my phone contract with Starhub ends, and I will have the satisfaction of punishing it by decamping to either Singtel or M1.



2 Responses to “Why does Starhub keep raising its charges for sports programmes?”

  1. Starhub must be able to keep its sports fans happy. A time will come when competition will wipe out expensive broadcasting! And the fans will score another point!

  2. Hope so.

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