According to OnePoll these are the top 10 books:


1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee (1960)

2. The Bible

3. A Child Called It – Dave Pelzer (2001)

4. Men are from mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray (1993)

5. Diary of Anne Frank – Anne Frank (1947)

6. 1984 – George Orwell (1949)

7. A Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela (2002)

8. The Beach – Alex Garland (1994)

9. The Time Travellers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger (2005)

10. The Catcher in the Rye – J D Salinger (1951) ENDS


8 Responses to “TOP 10 MOST INSPIRATIONAL READS by OnePoll”

  1. Great list! Must read the ones I never knew about. They forgot a whole of others. But it’s individual taste?

  2. A poll always leave some people crying blue murder when it doesn’t match their list. I went in earnest search of the titles in the public libraries but it proved futile.

  3. #3 and #8, never heard of them before and #1, #5, #6 and #10 are classics and also used as Literature texts for O Level.

  4. The Beach, could it have been made into a movie? Leonardo Di-Caprio?

  5. Yes, The Beach was made into a movie. It’s hard to find the classic books in our public libraries as they have been supplanted by modern fiction.

  6. It’s a pity then! Perhaps the NLB should review this policy?

  7. Hi Roger, I was referred to your very interesting blog by Andy. He would like to send you an invite. Hope you could make it.

    Andy, you referred me to which doesn’t exist. Luckily, I could find my way around in blogosphere. Haha.

    About your suggestion that NLB should review their policy, we have a librarian in our midst too. I will ask him about that.

  8. Hi Victor, thanks for dropping by. Hope you can find the time to share with us your views.

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