M1 Singapore – be fairer and more transparent

Today I received a letter from M1 offering me a $100 discount if I take up a phone plan. I deposited it in my trusty round file (waste paper basket) straightaway.

Why you may ask?

Two reasons:

1. I will not do any business with any company that does not bother to put their office contact details on the their letters. Yes, they may be buried in the mass of tiny print but who has the time to search them out?

2. When my M1 broadband expired this month, M1 automatically put me on a more costly plan although I didn’t re-contract. “It’s in the fine print,” M1 said defensively. Actually I’d wanted to re-contract in the first place but this sneaky business practice put me off. No more M1 for me!

What is the big deal you may say about contact details? A big deal if your plane is delayed by 8 hours, and the company only has a call centre number for you to call.

It’s like this these days. Once businesses have hooked you as a customer, they make it as hard as possible for you to call them.

Consumers should not take all this lying down. Vote with our pockets.

In my case, I’ve said NO to M1

M1 has lost me as a customer for 1. its broadband services 2. its mobile phone services (my contract with Starhub expires soon)

In short, consumers must demand greater transparency from businesses.


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  1. Left them a long time ago. When I brought my Phone Plan and offer from Telco XXX to compare with theirs, they couldn’t match it. I carried on my plan with Telco XXX.

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