Manchester United and Liverpool Asian Tours.

Sometimes I feel that off season tours by British soccer tours in Asia are a big disappointment

Fed up, I have long given up watching them as most of the time they short-change fans. Not all the big stars may come, and if they do come they go through the motions by playing for a while before being substituted. For example, Gerrard is absent from the Liverpool team. Or else they play at half pace, frequently citing the hot weather.

Tickets for the matches are not cheap either.

I understand fans want to see the idols in the flesh never mind the half-hearted soccer dished out on the pitch.

Being professionals, managers should field their full team since fans pay a lot to see the stars in action not the reserve players. And players likewise should not merely go through the motions on the pitch. Maybe, it’s difficult summon enough enthusiasm in a friendly match.

The only way to ensure they are not short-changed is for fans to boycott such matches, which are shamelessly money-making ventures. If fans merely want to see their idols and care less about the quality of the soccer, then things will never change.

Say “NO” to them.


3 Responses to “Manchester United and Liverpool Asian Tours.”

  1. These tours are money spinners

  2. You can say that again. The crux of the problem is that there’s always a new generation waiting to be conned. Once conned, twice shy (for me at any rate).

  3. Liverpool are now in Singapore and it seems Torres will make only a brief appearance. The pub brawler is facing a court trial in England. Fans are being short-changed again. When will fans ever learn? But maybe these are the real fans.

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