CCS fines Singapore bus operators

Finally the result is out. Sixteen bus operators have been fined a total of more than a million dollars for fixing prices to destinations in various parts of Malaysia. Serves them right.

They even had the gall to advertise their bus trips with fuel surcharges earlier this year (but stopped when complaints appeared in the papers) when even airlines had scrapped them!

Now CCS (Competition Commission of Singapore) should have the coffee shops associations in their cross-hairs over price-fixing in coffee/tea prices.

Consumers must learn to be more proactive and not take things lying down. Ultimately we are the ones who suffer while businesses enrich themselves at our expense.,


2 Responses to “CCS fines Singapore bus operators”

  1. Good for you and the commuters. Mr Roger Poh’s blog and comments have been circulating on the internet for some time now. Writing positively with tenacity and factual insights, he is definitely a force to contend with.
    Keep it up sir. The community is grateful.

  2. Everyone as a consumer can do their bit. The main thing to bear in mind is that we must not allow businesses to take us for a ride or rip us off. In other countries people would protest very vigorously if they feel they have been ripped off.

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