CCS fines Singapore bus operators Part 2

During festive seasons, travellers are at the mercy of bus operators when the latter jack up prices of bus tickets with everybody quoting almost the same prices.

Apart from price-fixing, travellers are also irked by the poor or indifferent service. Examples are:

1. if you are unable to travel on the day of your departure, you’ll get no refund, not a cent back. This is unreasonable and unfair.
2. travellers are taken to restaurants in Malaysia where they are charged exorbitant prices. In exchange for bringing passengers, bus drivers are given perks like free meals, cigarettes etc
3. destinations are not announced properly or passengers reminded to get down. If they miss it, it’s their fault. I witnessed how western backpackers were dumped outside KL in the middle of the night because they were not told to get off in KL.
4. in some restaurants passengers are brought to, they even have to pay to use the toilets. This is unreasonable as they already have to pay exorbitant prices for their meals. In Vietnam and Thailand the toilets are very much cleaner, and free.
5. For years bus operators have been taking passengers to the same lousy, dirty, grim coffee shop in the Tanjung Malim area where passengers have to pay to use the smelly toilets.

Now with budget airlines grabbing a big slice of their market, bus operators are feeling the pinch.

A friend who recently flew on Firefly Airways to KL said, “Why take the bus and take hours to reach KL? Fly, fly, very fast, and the price the same as bus.’

I agree.

(The Competition Commission of Singapore should make their contact details available to the public so that we can alert it to possible cases of price-fixing. For a start, how about training your artillery on coffee-shops patronised by the common folk, CCS?)

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