Karaoke in Singapore

no name karoke

When I get bored with reading on a long bus journey, I’d like to look at signboards of shops and businesses along the road, and guess how their names came about.

Can you guess where this “No Name Karaoke” is located in Singapore?

How did the name come about? This could be an interesting one. Let me try first.

The sons had been squabbling over a suitable name for the karaoke business. Exasperated over the bickering, their father screamed, “OK, no more names! You hear? I don’t want to hear any more names!”

Suddenly it dawned on his two squabbling sons, “Yeah, Pa, no name!”

That was how No Name Karaoke came about.


2 Responses to “Karaoke in Singapore”

  1. roger, you have no signboard seafood restaurant, so it’s okay to have no name karaoke.
    to add some more humour to this karaoke thing, i will relate something my friend told me. he went with his buddies to a karaoke lounge, not room, to sing. at the end of his song, there was the usual applause and someone from another group was heard shouting some encouragement: ‘more! more! more…..practice!’.

  2. Ha, ha, that’s a good one. Hope you’re like one of my friends who is gifted in telling jokes. Your mention of the no signboard seafood restaurant suddenly reminds me of a “No Name Coffee Shop” in Taiping I saw two months ago.

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