Travel to Malaysia by KTM train

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Despite frequent reports of crime and ever vigilant cops seeking to augment their standard of living at the expense of Singapore motorists, Malaysia remains a magnet for travel particularly by car.

Many senior citizens from Singapore are unaware that they are entitled to a 50% discount on Malaysian trains, thanks to the magnanimity of KTM (Railways of Malaysia).

True blue Singaporeans go weak in the knees at the word “”offer”, and even weaker, at “special offer”. That was why KTM welcomed this writer on its journey to Taiping.

To me, train travel exudes a kind of romance unmatched by a speeding car or plane. Don’t take my word for it -try it out yourself.

Note: ticket price from JB to Taiping is RM30 (half-price), one way, 2nd class AC.


4 Responses to “Travel to Malaysia by KTM train”

  1. Hi,
    Just got excited when Taiping appears here. My hometown is
    Taiping though I’ve lived in KL for over 30 years. My parents are
    still there. My blog on Taiping is coming up but have to wait
    till my other laptop is repaired, all Taiping photos are there.
    My father-in-law is Singaporean too.
    Nice meeting you here.

  2. Welcome, and thanks for sharing. I vote Taiping as the BEST town in Malaysia. With its beautiful lake gardens, cool Maxwell Hill and cheap and varied food, Taiping is unforgettable. Just went there recently (see my earlier posts for some pics of Taiping). A friend of mine, born in Taiping but is now a SG citizen, goes back regularly to Taiping. Hey, at only RM$30 to Taiping from JB, I might be going there again very soon.

  3. Sorry pics of Taiping not on this blog but on my travel blog Do visit when you’re free.

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