Foldable bike for the MRT or urban commute

bikeThis foldable bike is excellent for urban commuting. For instance, from Chinatown I can zip to the Esplanade Library and from there to the Flyer, and for massala dosai I can bike to Little India. You get the picture.

Folded, it fits comfortably into my car boot. No problem bringing it onto the MRT either. At one station, the MRT officer came out to check. He said, “I haven’t seen anyone enter with a foldable bike before.”

Yesterday, I brought the baby bike onto the MRT to Chinatown and from there cycled to Plaza Singapura, National Library, Robinson Petang, ending up at Mustafa in Little India.

With such a small bike, people don’t feel threatened. In fact, I noticed some are amused by a big man on a baby bike!

It’s amazing what two little 16 inch wheels can do.


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  1. Hi

    This was what I was looking for. How much and where to buy?

    Thank you.

  2. $138 from either Cold Storage or Carrefour. It has 6 speed gearing. There is a similar looking one but it has only one speed. Happy biking. I bought mine about 2 months ago from Cold Storage Northpoint.

  3. I popped into Cold Storage at Northpoint a while ago, and was surprised that the price is now $188

  4. roger, i have a dahon foldable which i bought from actus (i think) many years ago. at that time, it cost me $499. i used it occasionally. it is not as stable as an ordinary bike. on a flat surface, when you let go the handles, the bike tends to steer to one side. wonder how you lock up the bike when you go shopping at mustafa.

  5. @yg

    If yours is a Dahon 26 inch foldable mountain bike, then we have the same bike. I took it to places like Desaru, Kota Tinggi and Pengerang to bike but after a decade of use a few nuts have gone missing so I can’t fold it properly now. I’ve been looking in vain to buy another foldable Dahon full mountain bike so I finally settled for this baby bike. At Mustafa, I just chained it to the nearest railing. With this baby bike, I enter bus lanes with impunity, and scoff at ERP gantries! Great feeling!

  6. roger, mine is an ordinary road bike, not a mountain one.

  7. Hi guys, that bike – what about its weight? And when you hop into the MRT or a bus, it is a requirement that it must be folded and put into a bag? thanks.

  8. Not sure about its weight but probably less than 10kg of rice since I can carry it with one hand down to the MRT platform. A bag is not required but it must be folded and meet MRT’s specifications. Ideal for a commuting up to 5 km. It rolls very easily, and can go much further in the hands of those who are very fit.

  9. Just saw the bikes at Northpoint Cold Storage. The price is now back to $138. New stock. Bought it from there. I tore away the protective plastic wrappings and simply rode away (of course, after paying) to my car parked 3 km away. Great bike, and hey, I don’t have shares in Cold Storage.

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