Foldable bike for the MRT and urban commute Part 3

dahonThis full 26 inch Dahon foldable mountain bike. purchased about 10 years ago, fits nicely into my car boot. I brought it to Johor to places like Kota Tinggi town and biked to the waterfall, Desaru, Pengerang and Gunung Pulai. The gears and brake system still work well. However, the nuts for the folding mechanism have gone missing so I’m unable to fold it. I’ve been looking in vain for another similar Dahon that’s why I finally settled for the baby bike mentioned in an earlier post. But this bike is allowed on the MRT and bus. In the city, I roll merrily in bus lanes with impunity and scoff at ERP gantries. Apart from saving some money for my kopi O, the aerobic exercise from all that pedalling is beneficial for my health. So, if you see a guy on a maroon baby foldable bike zipping about nonchalantly in the city and sporting an Adidas cap, chances are it’s me. Stop me, and you get a cup of free kopi.

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