Singapore Traffic Police – be more visible

A letter in the Forum (Straits Times) complained that motorists are ignoring yellow boxes. Motorists it seems are ignoring everything these days: speed limit, queue jumping, tail-gating, reckless and dangerous driving and so on.

The crux of the problem is the lack of a police presence on our roads and expressways to enforce the law. Tell me honestly when was the last time you saw a traffic cop?

You see them only at the scene of an accident. Suddenly, so many of them appear making you wonder why so much manpower is needed. And I am not talking about a multiple collision.

Unless, Traffic Police start to flex their muscles, motorists will continue with their bad habits. I’ve seen traffic cops issuing summonses for illegal parking late at night. I’m not in the least impressed. What are they trying to prove? The real challenges are on the roads and expressways not minor traffic cases like illegal parking on quiet streets.

It can be stressful driving on Singapore roads but I try to shrug it off by offering excuses like, oh maybe, his wife’s water bag has burst that’s why he’s in such a great hurry.

I know of friends who unfailingly curse and swear, and it’s even more stressful to be their passengers.

As long as Traffic Police remain shy, motorists will become increasing bold, arrogant, rude and reckless.

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