Singapore Green Transport Week Part 3

stamford rdSingapore Green Transport Week kicked off today with a mass cycling event from three areas, converging at SMU. I joined the one from East Coast Park. I felt a bit odd as the majority of the participants used racers which are more suitable for road use than my mountain bike.

In Singapore, about 13% of our land is devoted to housing, and 11% to roads.

When we take the train we reduce our carbon footprint by about 90%, the bus by about 65%. When we walk or bike, our carbon footprint is zero.

Hopefully, all of us will make it a point to drive less, car pool, take public transport, walk or bike next week.


2 Responses to “Singapore Green Transport Week Part 3”

  1. Wish I could ride a bike again. Miss it, really!

  2. On the lady’s jersey is emblazoned the war cry “Born to ride”. Biking is very popular in Singapore.

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