Speak Good English Movement Part 4

There I was minding my business -reading the paper in a coffee shop in Yishun – when a girl of about Primary 4 age came up to me and said, “This chair got people sit or not?”

Stunned by her request, I was momentariy speechless not knowing whether to chuckle over the way she phrased her request or to give her a look of reproof.

Before I could even recover, she dragged the chair away.

It seems the lingua franca of the students in our schools is Singlish. The good people in SGEM have a formidable task.


7 Responses to “Speak Good English Movement Part 4”

  1. This is ‘proof’ that Mandarin is easier to pick up than English, haha. Speaking in English often requires one to think in another way. Her request could be simplied to, “Is this (chair) taken?”

  2. You are right as Mandarin grammar is much simpler. BTW, you are right about my topic (preceding post) being on spoken English, and so I’ve misled you and other readers. Sorry about that.

    Your blog’s posts on guesthouses are very useful since I always opt for guesthouses over hotels.

  3. I enjoy reading your posts on Speak Good English Movement, and they reflect what’s happening around you on speaking English.
    Can you email me? I’d like to get your opinion on the SGEM. Would you be able to lend a hand?

  4. There are people who make it a point to speak proper English. Some can but for various reasons don’t want to eg out of a sense of camaraderie. In what way can I lend you a helping hand?

  5. Thank you for your prompt reply, I need to send you some reading materials, do you mind email me?

  6. Hi rogerpoh,
    Have not heard from you since, hope to touch base with you and hear more of your thoughts on SGEM. It’s going to be a short and sweet one. Happy blogging!

  7. You are interested in speaking good Englsh, aren’t you? Good for you.

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