Singapore Police Force (SPF), step up police presence please.

In the last few days thieves targeted cars parked in HDB carparks. Thieves smashed seven cars in Telok Blangah and stole valuables and cash cards. Thieves also broke into cars in Ang Mo Kio and Bedok.

As usual, the police ask the public if they have any information to contact them.

Many people have observed that there’s a lack of police presence in public places and housing estates. Where are the police patrols they ask?

Some have called for the return of old-fashioned police patrols: on foot and bicycles.

I share their concern. It’s better to deter crime. Our police should be more proactive rather than be reactive in crime prevention.

Criminal elements in Singapore are getting bolder with some even resorting to armed robberies. Daylight robberies in broad daylight are getting increasingly commonplace. Just the other day a lady was robbed in the lift at knifepoint.

Police should step up their presence, and be a deterrent. Prevention is better than cure!

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