TODAY newspaper -why did you leave me out?

On 3 Sept VOICES page (letters page) of TODAY newspaper published a letter “Why leave us out?”

The letter-writer asks why pre-school teachers are left out of Teachers’ Day celebrations.

Having seen pre-school teachers at work I admire their dedication and patience with little kids. It’s not easy. Even with one or two kids parents admit they find it very difficult, what more about handling 20 odd hyperactive kids.

In the Comments section in TODAY online I expressed my sympathy with pre-school teachers, and the hope that discrimination against them will cease.

Regrettably, TODAY saw no merit in my comments and failed to publish them.

Did the word “discrimination” provoke some discomfiture?

If TODAY wants to be read, it’d better be more receptive to other viewpoints.

Do you think pre-school teachers deserve recognition?


2 Responses to “TODAY newspaper -why did you leave me out?”

  1. Nowadays, with new media like blogs and Facebook, we don’t have to rely on the print media to air our views – we simply publish them on our blogs. Admittedly, the immediate local readership of blog articles may be comparatively lower but then blogs never expire and they have a global reach.

  2. Agree with you entirely that’s why I’ve given up writing to the papers. Any hint of criticism of the authorities and TODAY paper is “shy” to publish your letters. Fed up, I’ve told them as much.

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